Tips to Save Air Conditioning Bill

Keeping Cool While Saving Your Cash

A great air conditioner is so important for your home.

It helps keep your house cool during the hot summer months, and the space inside feels a lot more comfortable.

Unfortunately, many people waste a lot more money than they should on maintenance and energy bills by letting their air conditioners gather dust.

To ensure the best performance from your unit, follow these simple techniques. One of the most important tips is to have a regular basic maintenance checkup with a professional.

As long as the system is inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, it will run more efficiently.

Dust and debris can block air circulation to your air conditioning system, causing increased energy usage and a shorter lifespan for your unit.

So, the next question would be how often should we service our air conditioning unit?

And we got the answer right here.

A Quick Way to Cut Energy Bills While Protecting Your Unit

It’s also important to stagger the hours of operation for your air conditioning unit.

This decreases the amount of demand for homes.

Additional energy-saving tips: Prior to turning on your AC unit, run the ceiling fan.

While sleeping, ensure all windows and doors are closed.

When the temperature outside is too hot, close the curtains and blinds to keep light from passing through the windows and heating up your home.

Can Weather Change the Working Rate of A/C?

Yes, but not that much.

Most air conditioners were measured for their performance when the temperature is 26 degrees Celcius.

Because the weather is rather unpredictable, we can’t always compare a “hot” day to “a cool” day.

However, the temperature does have an impact on an air conditioner’s efficiency.

Therefore, it would be wise to ensure that your unit isn’t running all the time.

If the weather is not too hot, turn off your air conditioner – and open the windows instead!

Utilize the Timer Function

There are Several Ways to Save Electricity.

One method is to use a timer.

Some air conditioners have this feature.

Set the timer to start just before you go to sleep.

Set it to turn off one or two hours before you wake up.

This way, your air conditioner won’t run for as long as it’s supposed to be running.

Combining with the ceiling fan timer, you can extend the amount of time before your air conditioner needs to run.

Fan after your aircon unit is off to keep the temperature and airflow circulating in the room.

If you set this right, you can have the most seamless AI processes for your sleeping environment.

Get The Correct HP and Type of AC

The correct HP of an AC depends on the size of your room when you are planning for an aircon installation.

Use our HP calculator to determine the correct HP for you.

An underpower air conditioning unit will not cool your room sufficiently, which means it won’t significantly cut your electricity bill even you are getting an inverter unit that is supposed to save you electricity.

The inverter unit was designed to work at a lower rate if the set temperature has reached the target level.

With a lower working rate, your unit will consume less electricity than eventually saving you money on your electric bill.

Even if you have a 3-ton air conditioner, choosing the right efficiency ensures it cool your room well with maximum saving.

If you don’t pay attention to these details, you may be wasting your money and might actually get a bigger bill than you’re used to.

A constantly working air cond will certainly keep your utility bill high.

The inverter AC will cost a little more during your installation but will save substantially in the long run.

The inverter AC offers superb energy-saving features, such as reduced energy consumption and environment-friendly refrigerants.

How to Calculate the Cost of Air Conditioning Usage

Your electricity bill can vary depending on a variety of factors. For instance, the rates are different from domestic usage to commercial usage in Malaysia.

We can still get a rough guess on your utility billing based on your AC hp and how many hours you use it every day.

Take this 1.0HP Panasonic non-inverter (CS-PV9SKH) aircon as a reference.

CapacityWattagePower Consumption

If you turn on your home AC 8 hours daily for a month (30 days in the month), your utility bill for the month would be estimated at RM43 after the ICPT deduction given by TNB.

Play around with the calculator here and have some concept on how much you are spending on your air conditioning bill based on your usage pattern and also the type of AC you are having.


The air conditioning electricity bill usually takes up a large chunk of your utility bill.

If you carefully plan your system, it will protect you and your wallet.

Depending on the type of unit you have, schedule maintenance, and be smart when operating the unit, you can save a lot of money.

That way, you can count on having efficient cooling when you need it most.