Checking / Repair

RM80/ unit
  • 1.0HP – 2.5HP
  • Wall Mount or Cassette
  • Inverter or Non-Inverter
  • 15 Days Guarantee
  • On-Site Checking & Repair

*Checking fee will be waived if continue with the repair.
*The price stated above does not include any spare parts or accessories required.

The Procedure of Our Checking Process (cannot repair on the spot / require spare part)

  1. Customer book repair/checking.
  2. Tehnician arrive and determine the problem.
  3. Inform customer the problem and collect the RM80 checking fee (Provide an estimation of the cost of repairing).
  4. Quote customer the exact price once finding out the pricing of spare part from supplier (usually within 1-2 days).
  5. Customer agree on the final price. Start ordering the part.
  6. Once part arrived, will arrange a reschedule visit with customer.
  7. Refund back the RM80 checking fee to customer.
  8. Collect the final repairing cost from customer once done.

Do contact us if you need clarification on our process.