Normal Cleaning


RM100/ unit
  • 0.5HP – 3.0HP
  • Wall Mount or Cassette
  • General Service Indoor
  • Inverter or Non-Inverter
  • 15 Days Guarantee

*Customer pay after work completion.

Why General Service or Normal Cleaning is Required?

Acontech performing normal cleaning

General service is the most common type of aircond service typically offered by an HVAC company.

However, there are many other forms of HVAC services that general maintenance may include.

Some may just take out and wash the filter and called it a day.

But, that is certainly not how Acontech will do it.

Our general service package includes not only the basics but some more extensive things such as we will take out your drain pan and blower.

Those are going for a thorough cleanup.

We will also check for problems that may be obvious or ones that could cause future problems down the road.

And gives you a heads-up on this.

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