Chemical Cleaning

*No advance payment is needed.
*Customer pay after work completion.

Chemical Cleaning for Split Wall Type Air Conditioner

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Is there any other way that my air conditioner can be cleaned and serviced in a much faster, neatly, efficient and most importantly cost saving way’?

No? Well, we have. A lot.

Acontech specializes in different types of aircond services and we are your trusted HVAC vendor.

This is why we’re launching our new product of chemical cleaning “Cleanz”.

In replacing the old traditional fashioned way of dismantling the whole machine. Find out the benefits and risks for both of these chemical service in our insider news here.

“Cleanz” thoroughly inside out with the same performance of the old-fashioned way, but in a better and more clever method.

Crazy? Maybe a bit.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dismantling the whole machine poses a lot of hidden risks and our evolutionary method help oversees it.

Maybe you are wondering what’s the advantages of “Cleanz”.

Here are some quick notes for you.

1) Time Saving. The traditional way takes around 1hour30mins for one unit while “Cleanz” needs 30-45mins.
2) Cost Saving. The traditional way cost RM200 while “Cleanz” cost RM150.
3) Cleanliness. No mess around as it works in an enclosed environment.

Book your time slot with “CLEANZ Chemical” today.

Did we tell you that we accept payment after all work is done (No deposit or prepayment)?

We trusted you as much as you had faith in Acontech!

Get a glimpse of what Cleanz has to offer by playing this short video clip below.