Our Aircond Services Coverage

We’ve been helping businesses & homeowners stay cool for years

We have been servicing the needs of homeowners and offices through our reliable and professional services for years now.

Our in-house technical team knows every detail of the AC system and they will be able to diagnose your problem and offer you the best option.

Aircond service coverage by Acontech

General Service

General service is the most basic aircond maintenance. It doesn’t involve the outdoor compressor. However, if requested, our ‘shokunin’ will certainly have a check for you. The tasks involve general service or cleaning of the indoor unit.

No chemical involved

Blower & drain pan dismantle for the cleanup

Check refrigerant pressure

Filter clean-up

Chemical Service

Chemical service is a procedure that involves the use of chemicals to dissolve dirt and other debris on the surfaces of the air conditioning system. It is a procedure that should be carried out periodically especially for those who live in dusty environments.

Thorough inspection & chemical clean

Refrigerant check & refill if needed

Cooling coil & fins chemical washed

Outdoor unit cleaned


The aircond installation procedure is a highly technical one that requires expertise. The installation procedure should only be carried out by qualified technicians, which are the ones at Acontech. Our team will work to ensure that all your AC system is working as intended and according to best practices for how the system should be installed.

Wall or cassette unit

Proper insulation & wiring

Best quality of copper & wiring use

Testing & commissioning

Maintenance Plan

Monthly maintenance for businesses or office buildings is essential in ensuring the aircond system is working at its best. Our monthly maintenance plan can be implemented by either regular maintenance and preventive maintenance. We will provide preventative measures to ensure that your system is protected to avoid any issues with your unit.

Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly maintenance

Unlimited breakdown call

Discounted price for spare part replacement

Complete checklists report

Checking Repair

This is where the gems hold their value as our technicians hold the key to pinpoint the issue or parts that are causing problems to your air conditioning unit. We will assess against all the pros and cons and provide the client best solution possible.

Spare part warranty bear by Acontech

Troubleshooting & repair

Monitoring period

Workmanship satisfaction guarantee

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from RM280

High-Grade Copper

High Amp Wiring

Outdoor Bracket

Specialized Tools for Drilling

Any Brand of Aircond

Inverter or Non-Inverter

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from RM150

Chemical Cleaning

Wall Unit

Inverter or Non-Inverter

15 Days Labor Warranty

Refrigerant Refill

Indoor & Outdoor Unit

Thorough Inspection


RM 100

All HP Sizes

Wall Mount or Cassette

General Service Indoor

15 Days Labor Guarantee

Preventative Maintenance

Inverter or Non-Inverter