How Often to Service AC

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner

Whether you’re looking to save on energy bills or keep your family cool throughout the day, scheduled air conditioning checks can help you lower your energy costs and even lengthen the lifespan of your unit.

An air cooling maintenance service check can help you identify potential leaks, issues with the condensation system, and clogged air filters, all of which can lead to premature failure of the AC system.

Much like your car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to operate effectively.

A tune-up, including replacement or cleaning of air filters, will help your unit run more efficiently, regardless of how much horsepower of air conditioner you are using.

What Does Routine Air-Conditioning Maintenance Consist Of?

It should be understood that routine air conditioning maintenance consists of a variety of tasks that keep your unit functioning at an optimum level.

The maintenance process not only helps your system function properly but also ensures your unit stays out of the repair shop for as long as possible.

The most common maintenance tasks include cleaning the air filters and cleaning the indoor evaporator coils.

Routine air conditioning maintenance will depend on how often you use your unit.

If you are using your unit frequently, you may need to keep your air filters clean and take out the air filters every month or two and clean them with clear water.

If your unit is not used as frequently, the air filters should be cleaned every 6 months.

This is something that you can DIY or perform on your own.

You just need to open up the cover and take those out.

It doesn’t require any skills or tools to do that.

Maintaining the airflow with a clogged air filter is essential to having fresh filtered air in your home.

If you do not maintain the airflow, the HVAC system will wear down much faster.

Basic Maintenance Tasks for Your AC

It is important to maintain your HVAC system to ensure proper operation and longevity.

This elongated lifespan will provide the satisfaction and peace of mind of having excellent indoor air quality and comfortable space.

There are certain timely power-up and maintenance activities to consider in addition to regular cleaning that should be performed for safety, longevity, and long-term performance.

Below are some of the basic maintenance tasks for your HVAC system to consider.

1. Cleaning The Indoor Cooling Coils

This is slightly technical and might require help from an aircon technician, but cleaning it is incredibly important.

This is because if you don’t clean the coil, the coil will clog up and you will have to use more energy than necessary to keep the system cool.

If you clean the coil, you won’t have to spend as much to keep the air cool.

Sometimes you might notice a whitish or yellowish film on your aircon unit, especially if it has been cooled down for a long time.

This is a sign that the aluminum fins of the coil are dirty and need to be cleaned in order to prevent your aircon unit from breaking down.

Cleaning the coil itself involves unplugging your aircon unit from power, uncoupling the coil, spraying it with a hose, and cleaning it.

That is easier said than done.

There is usually no timetable on how frequently you should get your indoor coil cleaned.

Our technician usually will visually inspect the condition of your coil and determine whether it needs maintenance.

Previously we need to dismantle and take out the whole indoor unit of the air conditioner and perform the coil cleaning.

But with all our Cleanz chemical quick clean, we are able to do that without taking out your aircon unit.

This saves the customer a lot of time and is also less prone to breaking something in the process.

While most latest air conditioner has the advanced feature of self-cleaning such as frosting and defrosting.

From our observation, this process does not have the capability to take out stubborn stains and it is more like a marketing gimmick.

2. Indoor Blower Fan Maintenance

This is the part that most air conditioner users neglect.

Check out some of our real user’s photos and see for yourself.

indoor blower fan need cleaning

The air blower will make sure the airflow is distributed evenly throughout your room. If it’s dirty, it will affect the whole system.

Taking it out can be a bit of a headache or problem though it is doable.

We recommend getting it cleaned at least once a year.

You can inspect and see if it need any maintenance visually on your own as well.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Service Cost?

There is no exact answer to this question.

It depends on the problem with the air conditioner.

The price also depends on the location.

For us at Acontech, we will provide transparent pricing to all of our services up-front to avoid any misinformation.

We are charging RM 100 for general service maintenance per unit of air conditioner regardless of their horsepower or type.

And for the chemical cleaning, the range goes from RM 150 to RM 240.

One thing for sure is that you can’t buy quality with ridiculous cheap pricing.


We recommend having your AC unit professionally serviced once a year.

One of the main reasons to have your unit serviced every year is to ensure proper operation of the cooling functions of the air conditioning unit.

This will ensure that your unit will operate effectively in the hottest months.