Horsepower Calculator

Horsepower Calculator – for Air Conditioner (1.0-12.5 HP)

Measure Your Room Dimension in Feet (ft)

room dimension

The above illustration shows how the width, length, and height are taken according to your room dimension.

If it’s not possible for you to take an accurate measurement, a rough estimation of your data will also help in determining the horsepower that you will need.

This HP (Horsepower) calculator created by Acontech is to help you get a rough idea so you will get a comfortable and most efficient installation of the air conditioner to your needs.

What is btu and why it’s important

British thermal unit (BTU) is the unit of heat in the imperial system. If you look closely at the technical spec sheets, the BTU usually refers to cooling capacity in Malaysia here.

Enough scientific jargon. In shorts, the higher the BTU, the faster your AC can cool up your area.

However, not all air conditioner is created equal.

Check out our table below to get a rough idea of how much differences the btu are for the same horsepower of AC from a different manufacturer.

We had to pick a few brands that most Malaysian will choose when it comes to AC installation here.

Panasonic1.0hp / NI / R329,500CS-N9VKH-1
Daikin1.0hp / NI / R329,500FTV28QV1I/J
Acson1.0hp / NI / R328,800A3WM 10N
York1.0hp / NI / R410a10,000YWM3F10CAS-W
Haier1.0hp / NI / R410a9,000HSU-09LTA17

*NI = Non-Inverter

If you noticed, all of the above selected are categorized as 1.0 horsepower air conditioners, but their rated cooling capacity, btu are different according to the brand.

Next time when you shop for a new air conditioner, you might want to pay more attention to this small detail as well.

This is very crucial to air conditioner installation, so you can have the most efficient running aircond to cope with the size of your room or space.