Chemical Service for Residential Aircond

Effective Air Conditioner Chemical Service for Residential

Regardless of where you live, whether it be a tropical or temperate region, an air conditioner is a necessity.

In the summer months, when the weather is hot, using this appliance to cool oneself down can be so refreshing.

But in order for it to work properly and efficiently, your AC requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

In this post, we will show you how to conduct an effective aircond chemical service.

chemical service aircond

At first glance, doing maintenance, repairs, and aircond service (AC) may seem like a daunting task.

But if you properly clean the condenser coils and drain the drip pan, then replace its filters regularly, you can maintain your AC unit to ensure that it works well for years to come.

In addition, it is a good idea to conduct a chemical service since this can prevent potential problems from developing.

This procedure will also clean the internal parts of your AC system as well as the surrounding area.

Procedure to Perform Chemical Service on Your House Aircond:

(1) Raise the front cover of your AC and pull out its drip pan from under. Disconnect the electrical cable of your AC. Due to the type of quick chemical wash, we are not going to dismantle the unit.

On the outdoor unit, clean the condenser coils by using a water hose or water pump. Also, clean the surrounding area around your unit.

Making sure that you had completely disconnected the power and avoid spraying water around the electronic components.

(2) Afterward, unplug it and raise its front cover. Again, make sure that you had disconnected the electrical cable of your air conditioning unit. Remove the front panel from your unit by removing its screws.

Note: There might need some unscrewing (depending on the model), make sure you do this delicately and not by force.

Disassemble them at their hinges or latches slowly so as not to damage them. Clean all parts of your AC dip after you had removed them. If possible, cover the side part of the electronic section using a plastic bag.

Now, spray some chemical compound on the indoor cooling coil and on the blowing fan as well. Let it be subtle for a while (5 minutes will do), and start watering out the chemical. Do not brush the cooling coil as it might damage the cooling fins.

Once all of these have been cleaned thoroughly, wipe your AC unit with damp towels to remove any visible stains.

(3) Reassemble all the parts of your AC unit. Make sure that the screws, clips, and screw covers are secured tightly. Close its front cover. Connect the electrical cable of your AC unit to its power supply once again.

Raise its front cover and insert your drip pan back into its proper position if you had removed it earlier.

Then, turn on its power supply once again and set it to the DRY mode for an hour before using it.

Quick Chemical Wash vs Overhaul Chemical

The above procedures are for the quick type of chemical cleaning without dismantling your air conditioner unit.

If you are looking for a professional service on how to do the overhaul chemical cleaning in Lembah Klang, just contact Acontech.

Our technicians can help you determine if your unit needs a quick chemical wash or an overhaul chemical.

Reasons in favor of Quick Chemical Wash:

• If there are no problems with the air conditioner unit (AC), then this is the option that will save you the most time and money.

• This is the easiest way to keep the air quality in the room high, which will prevent dust from accumulating.

• It can also help prevent mold growth because it uses chemicals to kills off the mold and bacteria that might be growing in the indoor unit cooling coil.

Reasons in favor of Overhaul Chemical:

• It is more thorough. It completely cleans the air conditioner unit in both its interior and exterior parts. If you want to learn more about it, then just contact us for further details.

However, this type of chemical cleaning might have more risks of breaking things or parts up because it involves taking apart the AC.

Benefits of Chemical Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit

You will be able to use your air conditioner unit longer because it ensures it is running properly.

It is very important in keeping your indoor environment comfortable, which can reduce the risk of diseases that may be caused by the recirculation of dust when your AC is not running.

It will prevent mold growth in your air conditioner unit because it kills the mold and bacteria that may be growing in this unit in which normal maintenance can’t do.

As mentioned above, it is best to conduct a chemical service on your AC unit once a year depending on the usage as well as the surrounding environment.

When Is The Time to Perform a Chemical Service

It is best to make it a routine to chemical your AC unit once per year.

But if you feel that your air conditioning unit is not as cool as before or the fan blowing are not as strong, then it might be a sign that it needs a chemical cleaning.

Or if you notice water leaking from your aircond unit, most probably it is time to perform the servicing as well.


Air conditioning units are now one of the most popular home appliances, many can’t live without them, especially within Klang Valley where the air quality is low and hot all the time even at night.

However, like any other appliance, these units can be subject to malfunction or even damage over time.

If this happens, then before long your AC will become useless and will need to be replaced; but if this is not taken care of immediately such as regularly performing maintenance or cleaning, then the problem could become worse.