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How Often to Service AC

how often to service ac

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner Whether you’re looking to save on energy bills or keep your family cool throughout the day, scheduled air conditioning checks can help…

How To Fix a Leaky Air Conditioner

leaky air conditioner

A Quick Guide to Fixing Your Leaking AC If you notice that your air conditioner is leaking while it’s running, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a professional air…

How Split Type AC Works

Ductless Split System Air Conditioners

Learn How Your Split Air Conditioner Work A split type of Ac is the most common air conditioning system found in Malaysia. They are highly efficient and flexible given the…

Difference Between R410A and R32

Difference between R410a and R32

The Difference Between R410A and R32 As if buying a new air conditioner isn’t already a tough choice, now we also have to decide between two different refrigerants as well….