Things You Need To Know Before Aircond Installation In Malaysia

Things You Need To Know Before Aircond Installation In Malaysia

As Malaysians, we all know how extreme the weather can be. Almost every Malaysian household is equipped with an air-conditioner to tackle the heat.

Ceiling fans just simply cannot provide the comfort level that city dwellers like KL need.

But, do you know how much it costs to install an aircond in Malaysia?

This might shock you, but the aircond installation price is fairly reasonable in Malaysia, regardless of inverter or non-inverter models.

Here’s the quick detailed aircond installation price in Malaysia:

 ItemPrice RangeRemarks
#1Aircond with 1hp – 1.5hpRM300 – RM350Inclusive of 10 ft copper piping, 10 ft wiring, and outdoor bracket.
#2Aircond with 2hp – 2.5hpRM360 – RM400Inclusive of 10 ft copper piping, 10 ft wiring, and outdoor bracket.
#3Additional Copper PipingRM25 – RM30 /ftDepending on the hp of aircond.
#4Additional PowerPointRM100 – RM120Only needed if there is no PowerPoint available in your house.

The pricing above is only for reference and indicative purposes. For more accurate and up-to-date installation charges from Acontech, please refer to our service page.

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Factors to Consider Before Aircond Installation

Air Conditioner Installation by Acontech

While it seems as easy as it sounds, there are several factors to be considered before Aircond Installation.

Below are 4 important factors that you might need to think about before engaging in an air conditioner installation.

1. Size Of Your Room To Decide The Sufficient HP of the Aircond

Be sure to consider your room size, so that you can find the perfect aircond for you.

A master room or rooms that are equivalent in size shall opt for aircond with 2hp and above, to efficiently keep the room cool all the time.

Single rooms or rooms that are similar in size shall opt for aircond with 1hp-1.5hp.

Find out how much horsepower you actually need with our horsepower calculator here.

Choosing the perfect hp aircond for your room will not only grant you a cool experience, but it will also help to balance out the cost-efficient metrics.

2. Placement of Aircond In Your Room

While installing an aircond for your room, do keep in mind to install the system at a location where it can operate with full force to keep the room cool.

The condenser of the aircond should be protected from sunlight, as it might overheat the system, affecting the cooling system.

You don’t want to spend that extra money on fixing unnecessary installation errors.

Therefore, it is important to pay extra attention when it comes to installation placement.

3. Proper Ducting And Insulation Work

Proper ducting and insulation work is extremely crucial for aircond installation. Proper ductwork prevents unnecessary leakage of cool air into the attic or crawlspace.

For utilizing the maximum efficiency of your aircond, please do hire professional technicians to assist in the ductwork.

They will check and resolve all current duct problems, and proceed on with professional insulation work.

4. Refrigerant Charge

As the aircond manufacturer, they have to perform a detailed cross-check, and identify how much refrigerant the system needs to run efficiently.

A low-level refrigerant level will not only cause energy loss, but it might also trigger some unwanted problems such as damaging your power supply structure.

If found that the refrigerant level is low and is affecting the cooling system, please immediately contact aircond installation experts to check it out.

Can You DIY Aircond Installation In Malaysia?

In fact, yes. There are no rules or regulations in Malaysia that prevent you from installing your aircond.

You don’t need special licenses to install an aircond unit.

Therefore, it is completely fine to DIY your aircond installation in Malaysia.

Here’s A Brief Guide On How To Perform Aircond DIY Installation if you want to take things into your own hands.

We do not encourage such practices but instead highly recommend leaving the installation to the professional.

Step 1: Place a mounting plate on your selected wall

Choose a wall that is strong enough to withstand the weight of the aircond unit.

Step 2: Drill a hole through the wall where the piping and wiring can go through and to the outdoor unit

Drill a hole through the wall so that the piping has access to the outdoor unit. Make sure there are no pipes before you drill or cut through the hole.

Step 3: Run all the copper pipe and wiring through the hole

Secure all the pipes, wiring, and drain tape together with electrical tape. Remember to place the drainpipe on the bottom to ensure a smooth flow of water.

Step 4: Secure the indoor unit to the mounting plate and connect all the wiring

Align the female connections on the back with the male connections on the mounting plate. Apply force to press firmly to secure the unit in place.

Step 5: Install the outdoor bracket firmly and place the outdoor unit on it

Install the outdoor bracket and place the outdoor unit on it. Make sure to place the unit away from high traffic, dusty, or high sunlight exposure areas.

Step 6: Connect the copper pipe and wiring to the outdoor unit

Connect piping and wiring to the outdoor unit. Make sure to connect the power cable that runs from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

Step 7: Check and fill in the refrigerant to the appropriate amount

Double-check the appropriate amount needed for the refrigerant, and fill in accordingly.

Step 8: Commissioning and you’re good to go

Turn on your aircond unit and let it run for a few minutes. If there is no problem with the cool airflow, you’re good to go!

Why we don’t encourage DIY aircond installation

While it is completely fine to perform DIY aircond installation, it is strongly recommended to let the professionals handle it, to prevent unnecessary installation errors and safety hazards from happening.

Several safety measures need to be taken care of while installing an aircond unit, and it is important to follow the Standard Operating Procedure.

We are not imposing fear (just look into these incident cases in Malaysia) but to urge everyone including us that safety comes first and professionalism will ensure safety precautions are in place.

Why Is A Good Aircond Installation Essential?

A good aircond installer will ensure that your money is worth every of its spending.

They will ensure that the installation process is professionally done, and will try their very best to answer customers’ consultations.

Traits Of A Good Aircond Installation Company:

Good Reputation

A company with a good reputation will boost customers’ confidence. Experienced installers and contractors will solve most of your inquiries, and provide the best advice when it comes to aircond installation.

Always check out the company’s website or social media platform for additional info, and look for customer references as well.

If all these criteria are met, things will probably go well.

Up-To-Date Licensing And Certification

When looking for an aircond installation company, it is extremely crucial to perform checking on their licensing status.

Not only does the license and certification act as a recognition of expertise, but it is also a form of security that benefits both customers and the company.

Decent Years Of Experience

When we look for an aircond installation company, we look for the best.

Choosing a company with years of experience is better than an amateur company.

Aircond installation companies with years of experience know what they’re doing. They are experienced technicians that provide the best installation for you.

Through experience, they had run through all sorts of problems and difficulties, thus they know the solution and we want to buy in those experiences to avoid a hassle in the later stage.

Reasonable Pricing

One of the most important traits of a good aircond installation company would be the pricing of their services.

You don’t want to overpay for the services, at the same time you don’t want a cheap service that might cause you a ton of problems in the future.

Before committing to a specific company, research a few company pricing to make the best decision.

We don’t mention cheap or affordable but ‘reasonable’. Quality and workmanship come with a price.

When some dodgy provider charges you an unbeatable price that you can’t resist but to think that is too good to be true, then most likely you need to start reasoning and to think rationally instead of emotionally.

Here’s one of our true-life fake copper piping encounters with our technician.

A client called and asked us to redo the installation. That’s when we find out and the client was in shock obviously.


The majority of Malaysians have the mindset of choosing a branded aircond, but not a good and reputable aircond installation company.

The thought of aircond installation is not crucial, is wrong.

A good aircond installation service will make sure that you get the most benefits and efficiency from your air conditioner unit.

Criteria such as noise level, drainage, and cooling capability are some of the few important aspects that need to be considered when installing an aircond unit.

Installing an aircond unit is a hefty investment itself, so be sure to consult your aircond experts to get the most out of it.

Make sure you take good care of your hefty investment after the installation by periodically performing service and maintenance.

A proper aircond service and maintenance will make sure your air conditioning unit lasts longer and always at maximum efficiency.

If you did go through our service list, you won’t find the installation service there.

As we believe it’s hard to fix a price for it as every condition and client is different.

Do contact us to get the best quote or just simply ask us to do an on-site inspection to fulfill all the factors that we mentioned above for free.