A Small & Effective Aircond Service Company

About Acontech Malaysia

We are a small aircond servicing company staffed with highly trained and experienced technicians.

At Acontech, we call ourselves “shokunin 職人”. Or as the “craftsman” for your air conditioning.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing honest and reliable services to all our customers with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Acontech Company



Joe Kok

co- founder

Started his career as a service engineer for laboratory equipment but soon after finding his passion in the digital space.

He loves bringing the idea to realization and starting up projects and businesses. What’s more exciting than being able to “Make Things Cool Again”.


TW. Chong

chief technician

Being the chief technician in Acontech, Chong has very extensive knowledge of air-conditioning repair and maintenance.

Always hunger for new skills, he has experience in many brands of aircon and other HVAC systems. Water-cooled AC, VRV, VRF, you named it.



support team lead

Amy, our customer support lead, is a native of perfectionism. She is a perfectionist when it comes to improving one’s service quality.

A mother of two, she has been able to provide excellent customer service through her leadership skills and management techniques.



senior technician

Our senior technician, Harry, is a born-and-bred local boy. He has worked on residential homes as well as commercial buildings such as hotels and office blocks.

He specialized in aircond installation and aircon servicing, and he has gained great experience in both areas. Not to mention, Harry is a caring father as well.

our history & future

Founded in 2015, while we are a young company and surely an energetic and closely bonded one.

(Do a quick search here with our SSM registration number LLP0005172-LGN for verification)

We already have a good reputation and a good number of clients and their satisfaction. For which we are truly grateful.

We employ highly trained technicians with years of experience in their given field, and we provide in-house training to ensure that we are all up-to-date with the latest technology and skill-set in the industry.

Coming through is certainly not an easy task. Starting with a one-man show, we knew that it would take the extra effort to stand our ground. As part of our effort to provide better services, we managed to develop and expand our service team.

And we aim to keep them small and agile. This will allow us to focus on providing a very personal and reliable service to all our clients.

In the end, we want our clients to love us! Doing what we do with a smile is very important for us.

Future and History of Acontech

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